Regrettably, due to circumstances beyond our control we are no longer able to provide this incredible service to you our friends and customers.


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We have a variety of bikes located around NYC. Find your bike and reserve by choosing your date and time of pickup.

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Ride for the Day or Week

  • $0 Annual Membership
  • $99-189 Per Riding Day
Includes: Cases, Maintenance, 225 Miles Per Day – .99 per mile after (Tax not included)

Take a trip for the day or week on one of our well maintained and ready to ride quality and exciting motorcycle. See the city or surrounding areas by motorcycles. Rent a motorcycle for any ride.



Hassle Free Alternative to Ownership

  • $49 Per Month – 1 Year Membership
  • $49 Per Riding Day
includes: 24/7 Access, Insurance, Maintenance, Variety, Storage, 225 Miles Per Day – .99 per mile after (Tax not included)

Owning a motocycle is a hassle – Let us handle the responsibility so you can just ride.  Take bike anytime you want for a short trip around the city or for the day to see the areas around the city.


How It Works

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What you need:

In order to be a Member of Jupiter's MotoShare you must meet our requirements: Motorcycle License, 25 years of age, $2500 deposit on a credit or debit card and 3 years/3,000 Miles experience.  We do have programs and motorcycles that require less experience - please contact us for more details.  All Memberships Applications are reviewed by our team - with more than 10 years combined experience in assisting new and experienced riders in getting on a motorcycle.

How It Works:

Once you have created your account and we have verified your information (riding experience, cc details and license information) you will be ready to ride any of our motorcycles 24/7. When you reserved you will receive a unique access code, specific to you and your motorcycle that will allow you to access the keys and hit the road.

Is Our Service For You?

We understand that your motorcycle is your baby; but not everyone can own an entire garage of motorcycles.  So if you want to cheat on your classic for a night with a modern Ducati Monster or a more formal city bike like the Moto Guzzi - now you can .  Or if you don't own a bike - we can help.  With our time and money is at a premium it is just not possible for some riders to have a motorcycle and a stroller.  All for less than the cost of traditional motorcycle ownership.


Who We Are

  1. “In the summer of 2006 I spent over a month traveling alone across China by motorcycle. My only traveling companion was a book by Ted Simon called “Jupiter’s Travels.” Simon was the first to chronicle his travels around alone by motorcycle. He wrote of his adventures and how he acquired his name. He was told by a friend, “You have a determined soul. This is reflected in your mind. You are Jupiter…” he said. To which Simon thought “Why not? I like the sound of that.” The mission of my trip was very much the same as Ted Simon’s: “The goal was comprehension, and the only way to comprehend the world was by making myself vulnerable to it so that I could change me. The challenge was to lay myself open to everybody and everything that came my way. The prize was to change and grow big enough to feel one with the whole world.” How do we change? Traveling helps me do that–motorcycling brings me closer to the heart of nature both within myself and I find with others. So, the way I see it, in a way we are all Jupiter if we want to be. – Chris Miles        

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